miniclub - dubbed lastminuteclub

miniclub is our brand for an irregular event series we are running in collaboration with minibarberlin gallery space located in the heart of Berlin Weissensee close to Antonplatz.

miniclub's purpose is social. we love to hang out and swap the latest news on music, hackery and business development. while we do this we play with the space using sound, light and motion.

the idea sprung up from the Epy jour fixe to have a more public version of that. beginning of 2020 we are creating and testing building blocks for an interactive autonomous entertainment robot that can be taken on the road. the robot consists of a music player (player) that allows to upload and queue tracks from file or streams (droptrack), a display showing the info on the currently played track, a music analysis layer that classifies the sound into timbre and genre (music cognition), and a set of DMX lights controlled by the music.


Outside view

event log

miniclub-6 flyer miniclub #6 flyer
miniclub-5 flyer miniclub #5 flyer
miniclub-4 flyer miniclub #4 flyer
miniclub-3 flyer miniclub #3 flyer
miniclub-2 flyer miniclub #2 flyer
miniclub-1 flyer miniclub #1 flyer